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What is RSSA?
RASTRIYA SARV SHIKSHA ABHIYAN (Regd.) is it program register under Public Trust act 1882 vide Regd. no.5780 commissionerate of Rural development as part of the Rural development. The implementation of rural development projects. To make India a software superpower, it is very much necessary to take it education to the grows root level through (RSSA).

This is new generation in which information technology is growing with moderate speed. Here it is necessary we have to go with same foot rate speed. But this technology is very costlier so that more than millions of people can't efforts this cost in this period this new concept overcome to solve all problem related to the information technology A will to fill in the void between the demand and supply in the vocational segment. Conceptualization of a model for generating skilled manpower at the lowest cost. Innovative management and dedicated support team. Training programs designed and intended to enhance skills and management aptitude. Target is to create opportunities for middle and lower income group of the population. A consistently expanding network.

IT Programmer
It is a well qualified institution because of everything provided by the institute is very well informed.

Career prospects
After completing these courses student will be certify, DTP operator, computer operator etc.

Placement assistance
After completion of the training program, students have to undergo a career counseling session which is mandatory for all.

Facility of online exam makes mention without tension so that any candidate can submit paper from anywhere student training kit. education related stationery will be provide to each student with sealed kit. It contains study material, identity card, student receipt, prospectus with application form etc.

Teaching Consultant
We are not trying to cheat anybody everything provided by us is very well i.e.

Study material
Study material is designed to enhance the capability of student .it is very user friendly and understandable with perfect practical example .it also contains samples paper which helps for extra practice personality development programs always seminar or other technical meeting is organize to develop the personality of student to face the ever challenging job industry boldly.

Extra practical hours
We believe in the saying "practical makes a man perfect" hence example extra practical hours are provided to ensure that the student grasps what has been taught theoretically.

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