About Rashtriya Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan (RSSA)

Rashtriya Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan began its service towards the society and is since, actively working to spread with the latest developments in this field. Our Samaritan attitude has helped carve a niche for ourselves in Indian IT literacy scenario; via our socially oriented services we have been able to provide competitive computer education to that section of society also for which it would have been a dream.

We, the human beings are at the top of the food chain and just any other hierarchy of the living beings, just because of our ability to think and thinking is a process which can be perpetually enhanced by a phenomenon called EDUCATION. We hold on to the vision of better, literate, aware and evolved India and this sea change can be brought about by an exhaustive literary drive, witnessing India riding high on the literary wave will sure be a sight to cherish and we’ve pledged to provide the glimpse of it to every Indian.

Perceiving education as the only tool to evolve mankind at all levels of social existence, we’ve embarked upon a Literary Mission in India. Since technology is the lifeblood of every modern contemporary society, thus of India too, hence ushers the term Computer Literacy and we are pledged by our vision and principles to turn India into a nation with maximum Computer Literates. Well, that we have at least worked upon principles is evident from the smile embellishing on many Indian faces, which obviously stands as a testimony to a decade of our incessant efforts towards the Advantage.

Rashtriya Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan (RSSA)

Quality Education - Education provided by an Institution who believes in quality rather than quantity. Our vast and successful experience in IT and credit of training many students nationwide.

RSSA Student Training Kit -For the first time in India, RSSA has launched the Training Kit, a new concept where all the student related stationery, the course material, ID Card, Student receipt, student application form, etc., are provided in a sealed kit. This is to ensure that the student receives the quality and genuineness in the same manner RSSA intends to provide to its students.

Personality programmes development - Sessions to groom the students and prepare them to face the ever challenging job industry boldly.

Extra Practical Hours - We believe in the saying "Practice makes a man perfect". Hence, ample extra practical hours are provided to ensure that the student grasps what has been taught theoretically.

Placement Assistance - After the completion of the training program, students have to undergo a Career Counseling Session which is mandatory for all.

Career Counseling A special guidance cell to groom the students and prepare them to face interviews in the right manner and also guides the students to choose the right career.

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